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The Uganda Fund was founded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, in partnership with the Carnegie Corporation and the Open Society Institute, to address the unique post-conflict development needs of northern Uganda with a specific focus on supporting war-affected children and youth.

The Uganda Fund mobilizes and distributes funds and provides technical assistance to community-based groups and local institutions in order to equip post-conflict communities in northern Uganda with the skills and resources necessary to catalyze development and create conditions for lasting peace.

Our approach is simple: we seek out local partners who are conducting work in our areas of focus, provide them with funding to achieve specific development objectives met through their own innovative strategies, and then follow-up with careful monitoring, close supervision and ongoing technical support of all grantees to ensure the long-term success of their initiatives. Since beginning operations in 2007, the Uganda Fund has mobilized a total of US$7 million in project funding and technical assistance to enterprising community-based groups and local institutions.

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in northern Uganda. We invite you to join us in this critical endeavor.

Our Vision and Mission

The vision of the Uganda Fund is to have a harmonious, empowered and prosperous society for children and youth in Uganda. Our mission is to improve the lives of war-affected children and youth in northern Uganda by facilitating access to justice, education and economic opportunities. By helping young people help themselves, the Uganda Fund enables future generations to rebuild their communities and create conditions for lasting peace.

The Uganda Fund fosters a long-term commitment to local initiatives and operates under the principle that strategic investment in grassroots community-led enterprises lays the foundation for peace and development in northern Uganda. Our experience shows that small, well-targeted investments empower well-managed community organizations to scale up innovative projects to develop a healthy and engaged populace in northern Uganda.

Through investment, partnerships, policy development and programming in Youth Livelihood and Leadership, Transitional Justice and Reconciliation, Information and Communication Technology, and Education and Institutional Capacity Building, the Uganda Fund helps communities address the complex, longer-term social issues that constrain sustainable development in the changing context of post-conflict northern Uganda.

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