The Uganda Fund

Northern Uganda has been a site of struggle, violence, suffering and mass displacement for more than two decades. While there is no clear punctuation to mark the end of conflict, a relative peace over the past few years has emboldened communities to move toward recovery and development with determination. Hope is indeed on the horizon. This determination must be wholly supported if the transition to sustainable peace, linked to broader development aims, is to succeed.

The Uganda Fund insists on a long-term commitment to local initiatives. It operates under the principle that with strategic investment in grassroots community-led enterprises, peace and prosperity can become a reality in northern Uganda. This principle is implemented via targeted programming in youth livelihood and leadership; justice and reconciliation; information technology and communication; and education and long-term institutional development. The Uganda Fund is poised to be a leader in recovery efforts and seeks investment from individuals and organizations that in partnership can equip northern Uganda with a stable, healthy, engaged and empowered populace.

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Our Commitment

Recognizing the need for sustained attention over the long term, the Uganda Fund commits to operate for a period of at least ten years, scaling up existing projects, funding additional entrepreneurial initiatives, and using them as models for expanding into war-affected districts throughout northern Uganda. Without the help of individuals and organizations that care about the future of Northern Uganda, this would not be possible.

The Uganda Fund is seeking new partners. We need your help. Together we can...

Provide educational opportunities to over 10,000 vulnerable young women

uganda fund

Support university studies and community courses in areas critical to recovery, including development studies and information and communication technologies for over 15,000 vulnerable youth

uganda fund

Promote training in business skills and income-generating activities based on market demand for over 10,000 vulnerable youth

uganda fund

Enhance local initiatives to help reintegrate over 20,000 former combatants

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